Whole Home Generators

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What Do They Do?

Whole home generators offer a solution to extended power outages. Unlike portable generators, they are installed on concrete pads and can provide uninterrupted backup power for days at a time. They are directly connected to your homes electrical panel and powered by natural gas or propane. They can provide constant power to your homes basic needs or by adding optional power management modules can in some cases operate your whole home.

How Do They Work?

The key to the whole operation is a automatic transfer switch. This switch is the safety mechanism that prevents electrical feedback to the power company, which can potentially start fires and harm electrical line workers. The transfer switch works by disconnecting your home from the power company after detecting a loss of electricity to your home. Once your home is safely disconnected from the power company, the switch sends a signal that starts the generator, before transferring power to your homes electrical panel. When electric power resumes, the transfer switch detects constant power and reconnects your home back safely to the power company and after a short cool down mode, shuts down the generator. This seamless transfer makes home standby generators ideal for households with power failures

Can I Do It Myself?

It requires advanced knowledge of electrical, as well as knowledge of local building codes. Proper installation is crucial to prevent damage to your home, yourself or your new generator. Because of the complexities of installation, having trained and certified professionals is key to saving time during installation and having the “Peace of Mind” knowing that your system was properly installed and is ready for your next outage.