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With such focus and concern on designing energy efficient, green buildings, revolving doors are a logical choice for your entrance. Revolving doors provide an always open, always closed enclosure which provides substantial efficiency and energy savings.

Besam UniTurn

The Besam UniTurn offers the whole package … safety, security, access and aesthetics. Ideal for high-traffic entrances, the revolutionary, two-wing design securely seals the entrance when the unit is closed eliminating the need for costly additional security doors.

Besam RD3L

With large convenient compartment areas, the Besam RD3L is an ideal solution for entrances with continuous, high-volume pedestrian traffic.

Besam RD Series – Three and Four-wing

The Besam RD three-wing and four-wing revolving doors are a popular choice for facilities with large, continuous traffic flow. The four-wing configuration allows one group of people to enter, and another to exit your facility simultaneously.

Besam RD4A Series

Incorporating all of the principle advantages of revolving door systems the Besam RD4A-1 and Besam RD4A-2 provide a level of control that conventional doors simply cannot match. In addition, both revolving doors are compatible with all types of access control systems.

Besam RD4-100 Manual Revolver

The Besam RD4-100 four-wing manual revolving door system has many attractive benefits and features making this system ideal for a commercial entryway to create a beautiful statement. The Besam RD4-100 offers energy savings benefits by sealing the building envelope to significantly reduce energy consumption.