Preventative Maintenance

Home Preventative Maintenance

Commercial Service Company provides detailed preventive maintenance and immediate service for all commercial and institutional businesses. We service and maintain HVAC systems to keep them operating at their highest level of operational performance, reduce your capital investment. A well-maintained system extend the life of the serviced equipment, Increases significant energy savings. We provide customized maintenance plans to fit your budget. We customize each preventative maintenance program to meet these individual needs. Our preventative maintenance agreement will specifically outline the work that we will perform on the designated equipment. The work is typically done on a bi-annual or quarterly basis and is scheduled at times that are convenient for the customer. We internally track when scheduled maintenance is due and notify the designated contact. Upon completion, a written form of the service provided is given to the customer for their internal records. Our maintenance agreement is the best value in the HVAC industry. We offer free, no obligation quotes after conducting a detailed equipment survey. Our technicians will maintain your commercial HVAC equipment and will thoroughly check it for safety and operational efficiency, tune it up for maximum operation efficiency, and inspect it for potential faults.

Maintaining heat and air equipment is essential for equipment life and efficiency. Commercial Service Company precision HVAC tune up is the best way to prevent breakdowns before they happen. Instead of paying for costly repairs, and possibly going without air in a hot Arkansas summer, or without heat during the winter holidays – get your HVAC unit checked out. Preforming maintenance on your home’s HVAC equipment can not only save you money, but also valuable time and conformability when it counts most. So, why not get a tune up?Regularly scheduled maintenance program to protect your heating and cooling investment. Here are the benefits you will receive:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance. It can increase your system’s operating efficiency and you’ll get more cooling and heating for your energy dollar.
  • Lower utility bills.
  • Reduce the likelihood of inconvenient and costly emergency calls.
  • Prolong the effective life of your equipment.
  • A 15% discount (parts and labor) is provided on all repairs to your air conditioning and heating system.
  • Multi-unit discount. If you have more than one central air conditioning and heating system, additional systems are discounted.
  • Our Commercial Service Maintenance Agreement is transferable.
  • Protection against inflation. Your investment is fixed. There will be no increases during the agreement period.
  • Peace of mind because you’ll be able to count on your heating and air conditioning systems when you need them most.