Portable Generators

Home Portable Generators

Due to the ever-changing weather and loss of [power, more people are experiencing the extended days without electricity. All homeowners are dependent on a steady supply of electricity to keep everything working. We all need power to keep cell phones, preserve food, and provide emergency lighting, power alarm systems, televisions, laptops and keeping the house at a comfortable temperature.

Portable Generator information

The home portable unit is the most common generator on the market. These units typically run on gasoline and provide from 2,500 to 10,000 watts of power. Purchasing the right generator can be a difficult process that can quickly become frustrating. Having assistance from Commercial Service Company professional can make the buying process painless and quick. You need the right size for the right price, we can help.

Will A Portable Unit Work For Me?

For most households, midsize portable generators usually a 7,500 watt size, electric start, generator should work. This type of unit allows you to run a few appliances, including the refrigerator and freezer, most gas furnaces or small portable heating/cooling units, as well as televisions, computers and a few lights. Remember that dealing with generators can be dangerous. Always know how to hookup and start unit before you have an emergency. When using a portable unit, always use a manual transfer switch. This allows you to plug in your generator and safely transfer power to predetermined circuits. Fuel storage is another factor in operating portable generators. Many times during major outages, local service stations lose power to fuel pumps as well, limiting available gas. You need to safely store enough fuel for extended run times is important. Always wait until units cools to refuel unit. Wait at least 15 minutes for your unit to cool down in order to avoid a fire risk.