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Besam VersaMax ICU doors are perfect for demanding environments where needs change in a moment’s notice. The Besam VersaMax provides a complete line of ICU sliding and swinging doors, conveniently used in hospitals, computer rooms and a variety of other applications. Specify the VersaMax Touchless to add automatic door convenience to your application.

Besam VersaMax® ICU/CCU – Sliding

For hospital staff that rely on repeated and reliable access to ICU/CCU rooms, Besam has a complete line of manual sliding doors to fit any ICU/CCU room. The door package features Besam’s patent pending equal leaf design, providing the widest clear door openings in the industry.

Besam VersaMax® ICU/CCU – Telescopic Sliding

The Besam VersaMax ICU/CCU Telescopic door system allows for a greater clear door opening when your require more space for your entryway. The telescopic variety is available in a 3-panel single slide or a 6-panel bi-part in either full breakout or fixed sidelite configurations.

Besam VersaMax® ICU/CCU Touchless

The Besam VersaMax® Touchless with automatic operation eliminates the need to touch a door for opening and closing, thus providing the ultimate in convenience and infection control for ICU, CCU, isolation rooms and other interior sliding door applications.

Besam VersaMax® ICU/CCU – Fold

The Besam VersaMax® Fold ICU door for ICU/CCU rooms features trackless design with full breakout in any position. Optional positive latching and smoke seal packages are also available. Specify Beam VersaMax Fold to meet all your ICU door-related needs.

Besam VersaMax® ICU/CCU – Swing

The Besam VersaMax® ICU Swing door package is available in single, equal pairs and unequal pair configurations. The manual swing door design provides a convenient user interface, breaks out easily for egress or patient transport and requires no floor tracks.