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We sale alarm systems called Stop CopperTheft Alarm Systems for air conditioning. Over the years we have repaired, replaced HVAC condensing units that have been stolen or damaged by copper thieves. Our basic system includes a control board (we manufacture), siren, power supply, enclosure, resistive module. Other options available are a pressure switch and electric detection relay and battery backup. If you wants to protect up to three additional units than add a pressure switch, the AC relay and our resistive module for each additional air conditioning system.

We designed our system to have three layers of the alarm detection (Loss of Freon, electric loss and removal of unit). Our basic system can be install by home owners without involving freon or electric connections.

Our system:

  • It detects when Freon lines are cut.
  • It detects when electric lines are cut.
  • It detects if the unit is removed from the alarm system.
  • It operates on commercial and residential air conditioning systems.
  • Able to hook up to four air conditioning systems.
  • Battery backup systems available.

Stop Copper Theft Security Alarm System has been designed to deter copper theft. Homeowners and business owners can now protect their investment and valuable air conditioner. It does not take five minutes to steal an AC unit. Thieves steal air conditioner condenser units and their component parts for scrap metal. Now thieves are stealing the condensing units to resell on the Internet. It has become a multi-billion dollar business.

Stop Copper Theft Security Alarm System has been proven to be effective. Our pressure sensors are designed specifically for our alarm systems. Our standard pressure sensors, do not give off false signals due to a temperature changes. Our company is located in the State of Arkansas. Our company has been in business since 1976. We have seen many products that simply do not work. We give a one year warranty on all of our units for Manufacturing Defects. Many systems do not work and the companies that sold them go out of business before you can collect on the warranty. Always pick a company that has a long track record. They would not have lasted if their service and products were defective.

Many owners have installed cages to prevent theft, but theives cut off cage locks and cut thru cage units. They succeed in their theft because no one knows when the theft is happening. When they kill power to the unit, cut Freon lines, or disconnect the alarm system, an alarm is activated to lights, sirens (115 dB), building alarm systems, dialers in real time. Most often the siren is activated when thieves start stealing units thus preventing theft. Stop Copper Theft Security Alarm System control module installation is designed to be installed inside the building. This eliminates the possibility of a thief disarming the alarm system. forpricing and sales please email stopcoppertheft@gmail.com.