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Don’t assume you’re not a target! In this hard hit economy, it takes a thief less than 3 minutes to take what they want from the unit or simply take the whole thing. Thieves do not discriminate, they are stealing from large commercial businesses, homes in gated communities, churches, schools, rooftops and even from their own neighbors AC units. This has turned into an addictive, easy money making business according to reports. It is just too easy.

Copper thieves will hit anywhere at any time day or night it don’t matter to them. I have found numerous places that has been hit by copper thieves, here is a few of my findings: Verizon, Salvation Army, Hotels, Railroad Yards, The Copper Kettle, Habitat for Humanity Homes, Wholesale Electric Supply businesses and there is so many more out there.

Newspaper articles from the Arkansas Democrat & Fox 16 news on recent copper theft:

Pine Bluff- Police make large copper thief bust, millions in damages. (03/2014)

Little Rock-In His Image Youth Development Center says thieves caused about $150,000 in damages to 5 rooftops units which resulted in 170 students being turned away from their preschool, and last year thieves ripped apart 2 ground units for the copper. (09/2014)

Lonoke- New Beginnings Mission Church had thousands of dollars of copper stolen. (03/2014)

Pulaski County – 6 HVAC units stolen from local church. (04/2014)

Arkansas ranks 5th in the number of copper theft reports.We manufacture and sale air conditioning alarm systems called Stop Copper Theft.Over the years we have repaired, replaced HVAC condensing units that have been stolen or damaged by copper thieves.Our basic system includes a control board (we manufacture), siren, power supply, enclosure, resistive module. Other options available are a pressure switch and electric detection relay.

Our system:

  • * Detects when Freon lines are cut.
  • * Detects when electric lines are cut.
  • * Detects if unit is removed from alarm system.
  • * Operates on commercial or residential air conditioning systems.
  • * Able to hook up to four air conditioning systems.
  • * Battery backup systems available.

Our goal is to scare thieves away before they do much damage.Copper theft is a billion dollar cost to owners across the United States.

Thieves often steal units for copper and aluminum scrap. Now they are stealing air conditioning units to resale on the internet.

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