Home Advantage
Stop Copper Theft Alarm Systems are the best on the market?
  • Our basic system is ready to install by home owners.
  • Has the capabilities to connect 4 ac units for one control unit.
  • Can be used on commercial and residential ac systems.
  • Detects alarm if refrigerant lines are cut.
  • Detects alarm if there is an interruption of power to the ac unit.
  • Detects alarm if the wires are cut.
  • Our control unit is installed inside the building, eliminating access to the thieves or vandals.
  • Can be attached to an existing security alarm panel, without additional parts.
  • Can be ordered with a battery backup.
  • Has no monthly fees or service contracts to sign.
  • Has an extremely loud, exterior siren.
  • Has technical support.
  • Is a self-contained ac alarm system

Basic system: Call or email for pricing at

Our basic system includes a control board (we manufacture), siren, power supply, enclosure, resistive module.

Loss of AC power and Freon loss detection also available for extra alarm detection.